We are led by our values.
These are the unmoveable, unshakeable principles that underpin every word in this plan and that are a prerequisite for anyone standing to be a Labour candidate.

We will put Liverpool first.

Our city has been let down. It took us three decades to get the truth after the Hillsborough disaster. We are still fighting for justice. We have suffered disproportionate cuts to our budget under successive Tory governments, and it is deeply shameful that heating-or-eating is a daily choice for many in Liverpool.


Too often we are seen as a problem for government to solve or ignore, pushed to the bottom of a pile behind leafy areas elsewhere. Not anymore. We will always be a city proudly shaped by our past – the dark times and the brilliant times – and we reaffirm our commitment to the collective fight against injustice and to securing a Hillsborough law. But we do that while looking to our future. Liverpool Labour will put this city first and unlock our undeniable potential, creating a reality in which no one has to make impossible choices based on survival and where everyone can thrive.

We will strive to make Liverpool a greener city and foster sustainable growth to create jobs.

Liverpool Labour declared a climate emergency in 2019 and committed to reaching net zero by 2030. There are babies being born today who will see parts of our city under water if we do not act. Protecting the environment is integral to every aspect of our ambition for Liverpool; being green isn’t just something we say – it runs through all we do. That’s why every policy in this plan has been fully assessed to ensure it is positive for the environment and will empower Liverpool to become a sustainable city, including by boosting biodiversity across all our parks and green spaces. This does not mean stifling or limiting economic growth. We commit to creating new, green jobs through every initiative we support and scale. Jobs made in Liverpool for Liverpool.

We will always be inclusive and empower our citizens.

A prosperous and successful Liverpool is one that works for all its citizens, where everybody is empowered to reach their full potential and actively participate in our economy and community. This means that prosperity, good education, well-paid and rewarding jobs and healthy lives become the norm across our city. We will make sure every citizen has a voice and that voice is heard.

We will support all our citizens through the cost-of-living crisis and fight the causes of poverty.

The Labour Party was formed to give people a voice and has sought power in order to improve their lives. We commit to this in Liverpool. Through council services, representation and collective action, we can support those most at need and minimise the root causes of adult and child poverty, ensuring basic needs are met by focusing on food, fuel and digital access. Our ambition is to make life better for every single person in Liverpool – regardless of whether they voted for us.

We will embrace innovation to improve council services.

We embrace new ideas and new technologies where we can. In an era of financial constraint, political leaders face challenges to innovate, to do more with less and to embrace change. The possibilities of technology to improve our lives are numerous and so too are the cost-saving benefits. Liverpool will become a beacon for embracing innovation to deliver responsible, improved and quality public services.