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This is a plan of action for the future of Liverpool. Not the future of the council or the Labour Party. But our city.



Our Liverpool.



It is also a contract with you. We offer this plan and commit to delivering it over the next four years while readying our city for the next ten. It is credible and achievable but rightfully ambitious. It must be to match the potential of the place we call home. Our commitment to the environment runs right through it. Our plan draws on many contributions. We’ve connected with community groups, trade unions, businesses, environmentalists, our City Region Mayor and our Police and Crime Commissioner, along with Labour members and residents. Each of us has pored over best practice from around the world and across the UK, and considered how to scale up the many amazing initiatives that started in the wards we seek to represent.


It is a plan that will be delivered on budget and one that can survive a Tory government. It is designed to prepare Liverpool for the decade ahead, and to get us to the next election.

It’s a plan for a prosperous, fairer and greener city. The past 13 years have been painful. We’ve had to weather a cost-of-living crisis that has hit our people especially hard. Our economy is one of high taxes and low growth, made even more painful by the Tories’ kamikaze budget and their subsequent austerity clean-up job. We hope for and work towards a Labour government, but we are painfully aware that the current national political state of play is a reality until at least the next General Election.


Thirteen years of Tory government makes the plan we set out here even more important.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it. Now it’s over to you. Our ask isn’t a small one. It’s more than a vote. We’re asking for your trust and your faith on 4 May and beyond – for the next four years. This is a long time in politics, so it’s right we use it to transform our city.


Vote for your local Labour candidate on 4 May and we will deliver for Liverpool, working alongside our excellent City Region Mayor, Police and Crime Commissioner, MPs and neighbouring local authorities.


This is our plan for our Liverpool. Let’s make it happen.